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Machine Device Engineering Services

Custom equipment partners for engineering service solutions.

No matter what your project, you need a partner who knows how to listen and respond in a timely, accurate, and innovative manner. Providing quality engineering services is one of Machine Device’s core competencies, and can help assure the success of any endeavor. We tailor our expertise to your project vision. We bring depth and flexibility to our collaboration and work with you to deliver superior results no matter what stage you're at with your project. From product development to contextual design to final integration, Machine Device Corporation is the ideal partner for all your engineering services.

Product Development

Developing new solutions is the essence of human intelligence in general, and engineering professionals in particular. Machine Device’s collaboration with clients in the product development process results in better design-for-manufacturability to minimize material waste and maximize product yield. The result of this up-front investment is a payback stream that continues throughout the product life cycle.

Process Development

Process and product development typically go hand-in-hand to provide the foundation for optimized design and build of custom equipment. Machine Device has expertise in providing custom solutions to a broad range of markets, incorporating an extensive mix of materials. Our history of developing reliable, repeatable, robust processes maximizes your commercial manufacturing equipment uptime while always providing quality products.


On many projects, Machine Device incorporates new technologies into a commercial manufacturing design. Whether creatively combining materials and processes, or integrating advanced technology, Machine Device’s experience in pushing the technology envelope provides you with an advanced solution while minimizing risk. Our proof-of-principle work demonstrates success before any of the heavy lifting occurs.

Failure Mode Element Analysis (FMEA)

Reliability assessment techniques like FMEA maximize strategies and operating procedures to increase overall equipment availability. At Machine Device, we understand that FMEA is an ongoing process that should begin as part of the first design review and continue throughout the life of the project.

Design of Experiment (DOE)

DOE is a powerful statistical technique used by engineers to calculate the effects of process variables. Machine Device has a long history of developing experiments that adhere to scientific principles of statistical design and analysis. By working with our client to develop clearly defined criteria, Machine Device is able to leverage its tools and experience to design the experiment, analyze the results, and incorporate this knowledge into the process - resulting in more predictable performance.

Contextual Design

Contextual Design allows Machine Device to develop a "virtual" machine using three-dimensional CAD drawings and digital processing. We interview operators, supervisors, mechanics, and others who will interact with the equipment. By understanding actual work methods and processes, we incorporate unique human interface techniques into the final design.

Design and Build

Performance in this phase is where Machine Device’s engineering expertise is ultimately proven. From manufacturing assemblies to packaging and filling solutions, our broad range of experience with a mix of processes and materials makes Machine Device the ideal partner for any technically challenging project.


Machine Device’s expertise runs the gamut from component integration to systems integration. We know how to use standard components to provide you with a robust, cost-effective solution. We can also develop a turn-key system that ranges from raw material input to product manufacturing and testing to final packaging.


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