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Machine Device Discrete Assembly

Your custom equipment partner for discrete assembly solutions

Discrete assembly is rarely as simple as it seems. Numerous variables need to be considered: materials, packaging, sometimes even the environment itself. Machine Device examines every project with an eye toward innovative solutions that leverage our strengths and offer our clients vision and system integrity into the future. Our record of collaboration, dedication to remaining at the forefront of technology, and extensive experience working with a wide range of materials all combine to make Machine Device Corporation the ideal partner for any discrete assembly project.

Your Product

Whether you're developing equipment for a new product fresh from R&D or refining next-generation systems to increase the Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) of a current process, Machine Device can help find the right solution for your application. Our custom systems have encompassed both synchronous and asynchronous designs. Our expertise covers a broad range of discrete materials and a wide array of processes, including non-destructive testing and vision systems. You can be assured that Machine Device has the experience to integrate all elements of your process into a robust turnkey solution.


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